Everyone’s dream is to have a huge bathroom where you can move around freely and have some of your materials kept in comfort.
However, most households especially in urban areas, have limited bathroom space. For this reason, their bathrooms are always stuffed and messy. Here is how you can maximise space in such a bathroom.

Door way space
You will realise that the back door space always goes to waste as nothing is stored there.
Mary Namukose, an interior designer at Daffur Company limited, says utilise this space by adding hooks that you can use to keep stuff such as towels, and cleaning materials, knicker pegs or hanging your clothes.

Besides hooks, you can fix nails on a wood and fix it on the door. The space above the door can as well be put to use by adding a box like wood where bathing equipment’s and other things can be stored.

The walls
Incorporate shelves on the vertical space. These can be wooden or metallic. Utilising the vertical space means having nothing on the floor, which adds on space, reduces congestion among others.
Eliana Kemigisa, a freelance interior designer, notes that it’s important to have the upper space utilised as opposed to the down one. Having them fixed at the bottom means taking up more space.

Use the window seal
The bathroom window seal is another storage unit as you can have some of your things neatly kept there. Namukose says most people don’t give window seals attention when cleaning but it’s vital. Always remember to put all items off the window seal when cleaning so that you can clean it thoroughly.

Use multipurpose fixtures
Dorothy Nabatanzi, an interior designer, says adding fixtures that can serve more than one purpose could help in managing limited space, for example, have a shelf incorporated with a mirror at the front.
You can also have the bottom bathtub space used to keep bathroom stuff as well.

Add shelves
She also notes that you can incorporate a shelf just below to store things there. This will keep the bathroom free and spacious as nothing will be thrown around. This should as well be kept neat. Buckets basins and other bathroom necessities can be kept here.

Towel holders
“These can be added on the vertical wall as another option for shelves. They are metallic and hook like, you can add them on the open walls to hold some of the things,” Nabatanzi adds.

Allow natural light in
An enclosed bathroom means stuffy smell whereas adding natural light by opening windows will come with a cool breeze in your bathroom as well as make the bathroom spacious through a reflection on the mirrors.
Namukose notes that it’s important to keep the window open for constant air circulation especially those whose bathrooms have toilets

Open up floor space
Having a small bathroom cluttered would reduce your space the more.
Namukose notes that you should keep the floor open and free as too many things would reduce space the more. If it’s to have things there, make sure they are neatly placed in the bathroom corners especially the cleaning materials.

Lighting has the power to create effect in your bathrooms.
Nabatanzi, an interior designer, notes that the blue colour will do the magic. If the bathroom light seem bigger and gives you comfort.

Use mirrors
She adds that mirrors will blend with the lights to make the place look spacious.
She, however, advises that it’s important to have a bright light in your bathroom to avoid accidents.

Keep it clean
A dirty and messy place will always look unpleasant, keep your bathroom clean and fresh, let white be white and not brown. Clean the tiles, toilet, bathtub and make sure everything is clean and in order. Smartness is the first principle towards attaining a comfortable place since being smart means no littre around.
“Cleanliness will help you reduce accidents at home, especially families with children, to manage and utilise a small bathroom needs one to keep it simple and extremely clean,” Namukose notes.