Chef Rana Singh is doing wonders at Khyber Pass and doing impressive things in the kitchen. Khyber Pass has been around for well over two decades and they are well grounded in Indian food. Despite there being dozens of Indian joints in and around Kampala,
Khyber Pass does wondrous food and we had the pleasure of sampling some of these delicacies. We were totally bowled over.

For starters, we had the Mumbai Papdi Chaat, plus the Chicken Malci Tikka and Chicken Banjara Kebabs. The first item was an Atta Puris, topped with onions, tomato paste turmeric, green chutney, sweet yogurt and potatoes and onions.

Next, came the chicken that was cooked in a clay oven having been delicately marinated in cream, cashew nut paste, eggs, and grated cheese. What a combination!

However, the real mind blower was the Chicken Banjara Kebab. Once again, with the use of the clay oven and the benefit of marinating the results are amazing.

The main course comprised two entrees, one being Mutton Lajwanti – a classic and rich spicy North Indian dish cooked in cashew nut paste, grated cheese, cream and butter. Last but not least was the Chicken Daiwa MiHamdi. Accompaniments would naturally be naan or rice and you might wish to order a side of vegetables.

The food and service are always up to par and the location is so central. Weekdays are hectic in terms of parking and they also get busy. However, I must say that Khyber Pass remains one of our favorite places.

Our Rating: Worth a visit
The Place: Khyber Pass India building with a lovely alfresco setting
The Crowd: People who like to eat good Indian food
The menu: Northern Indian fare
Beverages: Juice, soda beer and wine
Recommended dishes: Mutton Lajwanti
The damage: Depending on how you go about it anywhere from Shs70,000 and above
Sound level: Good
Parking: On the street
Smoke free zone: Allowed on the veranda though strictly forbidden indoors
If you go: Daily

RATINGS: Purely the reviewer’s personal reaction to food, ambience, service price being factored into consideration. The menu listings and prices are subject to change without notice.