In Summary

THE KNIGHT. 30-year-old Sharukim Matovu aka Kim Hanx is the Public Relations Officer of Sky Beach Lounge at Freedom City. He talked to Godfrey Lugaaju about relationships, business and his New Year’s resolutions.

When did you join public relations?
I have always been in public relations. I was underground and unknown since I was working with small brands.
In most cases, I was helping out friends trying to get experience. It was how I got to work with Sky Beach Lounge, a new hangout on Entebbe Road.

What makes you tick as a public relations officer?
I deliver perfectly. Most of the brands I have worked for have not remained the same. I am proud I added a thing to each of them.

Is this the first bar you have worked for?
Yes, I had never done public relations for a bar. I do not regret making the choice to work here.

Do you easily fall for the clients?
No, I try as much as I can to keep my relationship with clients strictly professional. It is one way of keeping yourself relevant in this industry. Mixing business with pleasure ruins it most of the time.

Are you holding back because you are married?
No, but I am in a relationship. I love my girlfriend. This I must state since most people think people who are associated with bars are players, which is not true.

What are some of your new year’s resolutions?
I have many but the one of which I am certain is that I would like to get married. I want to wed my girlfriend because we have been together for a long time now.

Is your girlfriend bothered that you work in a bar?
She is okay with it and she knows it is strictly about work; nothing more, nothing less. At times, she gets jealous but gets over it in a short while and we are back to normal.

There were rumours that you were in a relationship with Hellen Lukoma
(Laughs). I worked with Lukoma as the host of Insomnia party and that was all. She is, however, a good friend.

What don’t people know about you?
People like judging others before knowing who they really are. For example they do not know that I am a very calm guy. If you are nice to me, I am nice to you and the reverse is true. I do not remember the last time I fought or had an argument with someone.

How is it working at the bar?
It is a great place to work in and it gives me comfort. If I had started my career there, I would not have sought anything more.

What did you do before?
I was working at many things because I am an actor and a businessman. I juggle the two, although I dedicate much of my time to Sky Beach Lounge.

Have you fallen for girls at the bar?
No. Surprisingly, they fall for me. It is funny to see them hitting on me but I just befriend them and they end up forgetting their intentions.

How do you handle admirers?
I handle them professionally. I show them that we have to work and not engage in loose talk about love because the two (love and work) cannot mix.

What kind of women turn you off?
Women who are so much into sex will always be a total turn off for me.

would you date an older woman?
Seriously? Why would I? I cannot even think of doing this. It has never happened and I am sure I can never be involved in something like that.

Where did you attend school?
I sat my Primary Leaving examinations at St Thereza Primary School. Thereafter, I joined Gombe Secondary School O-Level and Kibuli Secondary School for A-Level.
I earned a Bachelors degree in Mass Communication from Troy University in the United Arab Emirates.