In Summary
  • At home, police had asked the woman where her husband was but she had not told them.

After I had a quarrel with the previous tenant for raring goats in my house, I was hesitant about having another. She rented two rooms but only used one and left the other for the goats especially when it rained. I lost about four tenants because they would not handle the smell of the urine from the goats.
Since I had been a way for some time, I did not know what was happening until the last tenant called and told me he was leaving. When I returned, I told her to leave immediately. She told me that she was paying me on time so I did not have to throw her out of the house. It was good riddance for me when she left the house because I had lost almost all tenants.

The following month was for me to do renovations and repairs and soon, I had new tenants. One of the new tenants was a woman with a child. She had said she was a single mother and I remember the bargaining we went through to have her settle in the house.

The night criminal
We finally agreed that she pays her own water bill instead of paying it as part of the rent. I was empathetic about her situation. For about six months, she was a good tenant but struggled to pay rent.
About two months ago, I noticed there is a man who comes into her house but only uses the back door and comes very late in the night. The first time I met him by coincidence because I had forgotten something in the car. There was no way I would go and confront her in the night.

I waited in the morning to see the man walk out of the house but I failed. I think he had left very early and unless I had run into him, any complaint would seem a false accusation.
I became more vigilant and the next time I saw him, he rushed into the house and did not leave for several days. When I asked the lady about the man I saw entering her house some days ago, she denied but while we talked, her little son had said his father was sleeping.

Coming clean
She at last confessed that the father of her child had come but had problems. Days later, when I was in my office, police called me and demanded that I return home immediately.
At home, police had asked the woman where her husband was but she had not told them. They asked me why I was housing a criminal. This was someone whose face I even did not know. I explained to them that the house was rented by the lady but I had seen a man in her house. She had to be taken to police for obstructing justice until they found the man.
When she returned, I demanded that she leaves the house but she still pleaded and begged me to let her stay because she had nowhere to go.