In Summary

As Museveni creates six new ministries.

President Museveni has appointed Dr Beatrice Wabudeya as the first Cabinet minister in charge of Kampala.

Dr Wabudeya’s appointment, communicated in a March 17 letter, is the first post-election appointment as Mr Museveni, currently at his country home in Rwakitura, plots his next Cabinet.
It also emerged yesterday that the President has also created six new ministries which will increase the cabinet positions from the current 22 to 28 portfolios.

Capital city gets ED
“Pending the formation of a new government in May 2011, I would like to appoint Dr Wabudeya, Minister for the Presidency, to also be the Minister for the Capital City,” Mr Museveni wrote in a letter to Prime Minister Apolo Nsibambi.

In the letter, the President also names an executive director for Kampala City.

“I have also decided to appoint Ms Jennifer Musisi as Executive Director for the Capital City Authority. The Public Service Commission has already interviewed her. The commission should draft an instrument for her appointment,” he wrote.

Ms Musisi’s appointment had earlier leaked in the media.

Mr Museveni, who is set to name a new Cabinet in May, has also directed the creation of six new ministries – including Kampala, sources close to the President told this newspaper.

The other ministries, which will have full cabinet ministers include – a ministry in charge of Teso Affairs, one in charge of Bunyoro Affairs and a new ministry of petroleum and gas.

The Tourism Docket will also be separated from the Trade and Industry while the Attorney general will be independent of the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

Lukwago in tight spot
The beefing up of Kampala with many government appointees gives newly-elected Kampala Mayor Erias Lukwago food for thought as he will have his influence reduced.

The new structure, which is contained in the Kampala Capital City Act, 2010, reduces the mayor to a largely ceremonial political head and places the practical stewardship of Kampala into the hands of an executive director who has been appointed by the President.

On the functions of the Lord Mayor, the new law outlines them as being the political head of the capital city, presiding over all the meetings of the Authority, performing ceremonial functions and civic functions, hosting foreign and local dignitaries, monitoring the administration of the capital city, providing guidance to the division administrators, and heading the Authority in developing strategies for the development of Kampala.