Rebels of Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) have killed 217 Congolese soldiers in various battles in the latest offensive on the Ugandan rebel bases in eastern DR Congo.

The Congolese government launched military operations against the ADF rebels on January 18, 2014.
According to the combat evaluation report by the DR Congo’s army commander, Gen Didier Etumba Longila, in meeting with his Ugandan Counterpart Gen Katumba Wamala, more than 444 DR Congo soldiers were also wounded in battle in the last five months.

The two army chiefs met on May 7 in Beni, DR Congo.
Gen Etumba said the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) killed 516 ADF rebels in the three-phased offensive code-named SUKOLA 1.
Military sources said most of the ADF rebels have abandoned their bases in eastern DR Congo and relocated to new camps near Kisangani.
The two army bosses visited the abandoned ADF camps including Madina Camp which was the headquarters of the rebel leader Jamil Mukulu but fell to the Congolese army.

ADF camps captured
Gen Katumba and Gen Etumba walked 12kms in the jungles and slept near one of the ADF camps. Other camps overrun by the DR Congo army are Camp Kabila, Makoyovu, Canada and Saasitana.

The two army chiefs issued a joint statement, committing to continue jointly hunting down the rebels. The Beni meeting was also attended by the commander of the UN Intervention Brigade.
Gen Katumba, however, warned that the ADF threat is not over yet and called for increased vigilance.
The UN Intervention Brigade provided airpower and aerial surveillance for the operation.