A section of the Bagungu community members in Buliisa District have passed a resolution to secede from Bunyoro Kingdom to form an independent cultural institution.

The resolution was made in a meeting convened at the weekend at Adonia Hotel in Bullisa town by members of Bugungu Revival Cultural Association, a pressure group advocating for Bagungu independence.

The committee that comprises 17 members unanimously backed a resolution supporting the secession.

The meeting appointed a seven-member committee to spearhead the formation of the Bagungu Cultural Institution and the selection of their cultural leaders.

Speaking shortly after the meeting, Mr Samuel Kisembo Mugema, the Bishop of Charismatic Churches in Bunyoro region who doubles as the coordinator of the association, said the objective of forming Bagungu Cultural Institution is to promote and preserve Bagungu culture that is being eroded.

The move comes at a time when Mr Norman Lukumu, the former Bunyoro Kingom Prime Minister and a member of the Bagungu Community is challenging the appointment of Mr Andrew Byakutaaga as his successor in court.

Mr Lukumu argues that Mr Byakutaaga is illegally occupying the office and wants court to reinstate him.

However, Bishop Kisembo says their decision to secede from Bunyoro Kingdom has nothing to do with Mr Lukumu's sacking, saying they started planning their secession long before Mr Lukumu was appointed.

He said their decision is partly influenced by what he termed as the marginalisation of Bagungu by Bunyoro Kingdom.
He says the decision to form the Bugungu Cultural Institution is backed by the Constitution of Uganda.
According to Mr Kisembo, the committee will communicate the resolution to government and proceed with the process of forming the institution.
Mr Habibu Kisembo, the Chairperson of the Association, says the Bagungu are not pushing for an independent cultural institution in bad faith, but only want to protect their cultural independence.

However, Mr Byaktutaga, the said he’s ignorant about what was going on.
He called upon the Bagungu to discuss with Bunyoro Kingdom over their concerns.