The defiance campaign promoted by Opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye is unpatriotic and only aims at disrupting social order and public peace, Paul Amoru, the MP for Dokolo county North, has said.

MP Amoru who is the NRM chief whip for Lango said the people of Northern Uganda should reject defiance and instead support government rehabilitation efforts in the sub-region.

"Northern Uganda should use the prevailing peace to showcase its development potential and benefit from government programmes such as PRDP and Nusaf,” he said.

The legislator told a large gathering attending the belated Independence Day celebrations at Angwecibange Primary School in Dokolo Town Council on Tuesday that Ugandans have a duty to protect their independence.

"We cannot be in electioneering for five years. Everybody must get to work to contribute to national development,” MP Amuru added.

He said under the NRM government, Dokolo District born in 2006 has made great progress in sectors such education, health and infrastructure.

Dokolo District chairman Frederick Odongo said the district was on truck on the provision of services to its people but urged government to revise its operation plan under wealth creation.
"The seeds being given to our farmers are usually off season and are of little benefit to our farmers," he said.