There was drama at the Naguru-based Police Disciplinary Court, as former Buyende District Police Commander, Mr Muhammad Kirumira protested the exclusion of journalists from the court.

Mr Kirumira had appeared before the court for judgment on three of the cases for which he has been undergoing trial. These include corruption, neglect of duty and unlawful use of excessive authority.

The police officer was taken to police court in February and charged with alleged torture, extortion, bribery, corruption, neglect of duty, unlawful arrests, excessive use of authority, and discreditable or irregular conduct.

In one of the charges, the prosecution had accused Mr Kirumira of beating Mr Ibrahim Bukenya, a crime preventer and hawker in 2013 while at Kawempe Police Station.

Mr Bukenya also accused Mr Kirumira of eating his 'rolex' (chapatti and fried eggs) without his permission. But this and a few other charges were withdrawn due to lack of evidence.

He has since been battling three charges. On Tuesday, when he arrived for judgment on the remaining cases, Mr Kirumira was outraged that journalists had been locked out of the session and tried to forcibly lead them into the court room.

However, the journalists were stopped by police officers who were manning security at the heavily guarded installation, triggering a scuffle between Mr Kirumira, several police officers and journalists.

After failing to get his way, Mr Kirumira boarded his vehicle and drove away saying he couldn't be tried in “darkness.”

He argued that police is for Ugandans and the judgment should be delivered in public.

By noon, the Police Disciplinary Court was yet to convene.