A family in Manafwa District has petitioned the Inspector General of Police, Mr Martins Okoth-Ochola, to investigate killings at Kibimba Rice Scheme and have the perpetuators prosecuted for the act.
In a petition dated June 12, through Muwema and Co Advocates addressed to the office of the IGP, the family wants Mr Okoth-Ochola to take punitive actions against his officers and the management of the rice scheme, managed by Tilda Uganda, and also reprimand his officers at Bugiri for being accomplices to the murder.
On May 18, Anthony Syuwu, like any other day, went to work but never returned home that evening. The relatives say as was always the case when they were compelled to work deep into the night, they thought their son was still busy.
It was not until 10pm when Syuwu was shot that the family realised things had gone wrong.
The relatives say the 35-year-old who had worked on the rice farm for 12 years earning a Shs3,000 per day was shot together with another co-worker only identified as Fred.
They say the guards reportedly accused the deceased of stealing rice from the farm and were killed while ferrying the loot out of the farm, a claim denied by their family members.
They say the death of their relative follows a similar pattern on the farm where workers are killed with impunity and no action is taken by the police officers. The relatives also say police in Bugiri have consistently refused to investigate and prosecute the suspects in such murders.
They added that when Syuwu was killed, the police only sent a police pickup to collect the body and dumped it at Bugiri hospital mortuary.
According to the relatives, Syuwu’s body had two bullet wounds through the neck and stomach.
The relatives narrate that when the shooting happened, the LCI chairman of Buwalimbwa village reported the murder to the police post at Bufiru but the officers refused to respond.