In Summary

The performance of pupils in the school was declining which prompted an assessment of teachers and their head.


Shilo Nile Star Nursery and Primary School has sacked its headmaster and two teachers for allegedly failing exercises in the subjects that they teach.

According to the Director of the Njeru-based school, Mr Robert Okalang, teachers at the school had been subjected to tests and oral interviews in English language, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, which were marked without bias, but the three teachers had failed to beat the 65 per cent pass mark that had been set.

Speaking to the media in Jinja on Monday, Mr Okalang said the decision to subject the teachers to the said exercises followed a sharp decline in academic performance at the school. “Some two years back the school could produce candidates with four aggregate but this was phasing out so we consulted education specialists who advised us to assess the teachers by conducting tests for them in the subjects they teach. We found out that some of these scored as little as 20 per cent in the subjects that they teach so we had to relieve them of their duties” he said.

Mr Okalang said the affected headmaster had been replaced by one James Omongole who is said to have scored 96 per cent in almost every exercise that was conducted. He declined to name the other two affected teachers, but said the assessment of teachers shall be conducted annually to ensure that high academic standards are maintained.

In a related development, the head of Network for Empowerment of Marginalised Children and Youth (NEMACY) an NGO, Pr Paul Batambuze, has called on chairpersons of school management committees of UPE schools in Jinja to resign, saying that they had failed to help the schools to post good grades in national examinations.

Pr Batambuze, who was recently addressing various education stakeholders in the district, also called for the transfer of head teachers with proven record of excellence to some of the schools that are currently struggling to register good grades.