Kampala. A student of Kampala University has developed an App that may help the government and the population to stop the rampant land grabbing across the country.
Speaking yesterday during the university’s 16th graduation ceremony, the vice chancellor, Prof Badru Kateregga said that the student of computer science developed the App and he is optimistic that if fully utilised by the government, it will reduce unlawful evictions.
Prof Kateregga said with the ‘Zimba App’, one can easily tell the rightful owner of the land he or she is buying.
“All universities across the country should embrace research and innovation since it is the right way to go,” he said.
Ms Brenda Arinaitwe, the brain behind the App, said it can be downloaded from the app store.
She said if one is not sure of the land he or she is buying, they just log onto the App, type the plot number of the land and all the details about that plot are displayed.
Ms Arinaitwe noted that the App also reveals whether the piece of land is lease or free hold. She adds that if one does not have the plot number, they just put the location of the land and all details are displayed.
“Some people have been evicting Ugandans on the land claiming to be the owners just because they managed to forge the land title. This App will help reveal whether the person trying to evict them for any land is the rightful owner. Those who also buy land without knowing the owner will be helped,” Ms Arinaitwe told this newspaper in an interview.
A total of 3,352 students were awarded certificates, diplomas and degrees in various programmes. Of these, 1,532 are from Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia, South Sudan, Burundi, Ethiopia and Liberia.
The university chancellor, Prof Mondo Kagonyera, urged graduates to embrace the value of knowledge to develop their country, saying the richest countries in the world do not own factories but rather use the knowledge they obtain to develop.