In Summary

The court convicted the four men of deliberately killing Annick Van De Venster, a Belgian Tourist who had come to tour Mountain Elgon National Park.


Four people, who were convicted for the killing of a Belgian tourist in the Elgon Mountain six years ago, have been imprisoned.

The General Court Martial at Makindye sentenced Fred Kipsang to 30 years in prison, while each of his co-accused persons; Kenneth Chepukui, Patrick Chebules and Moses Chemutai were handed 10 years jail terms.

Last week, the Court before Brig Moses Ddiba Ssentongo, convicted the four men of deliberately murdering the tourist, Annick Van De Venster, a Belgian Tourist who had come to tour Mountain Elgon National Park. They appeared before the military court for sentencing following a conviction for killing Venster.

Case proved
“We are satisfied that prosecution has discharged its evidential burden in proving beyond reasonable doubt the common intention to execute an unlawful purpose in conjunction with one another. This was manifested in the actions of the four convicts participating in the committing of unlawful act that resulted into the death one of Venster,” held Brig Ssentongo.

According to court, each of the four persons is deemed to have committed the offence arising from such unlawful act because they had an unlawful purpose with another.

Prosecution led by Capt Fred Kangwamu told court that on February 5, 2008, the four convicts with others still at large at Mude Cave Camp in Mountain Elgon National Park in Kapchorwa District, murdered Venster with no lawful excuse

The court held that prosecution had proved that Venster is dead and that she was shot dead in Mountain Elgon at Hunters’ Cave while being escorted by a range guide.

Court heard that the deceased tourist was killed from a place where she had gone to enjoy her hard-earned money yet she was officially in the country and had not committed any crime. “We do find that the evidence directly linked the injuries suffered by the deceased to the subsequent death,” held Brig Ssentongo, adding that whoever shot around the fire knew that at time of the night, human beings had lit up a camp fire and were within that proximity.