KAMPALA- Several members of the Forum for Democratic Change party on Wednesday failed to show up at the closed door National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting that was called by the new party president, Mr Patrick Oboi Amuriat due to various reasons.

According to sources who attended the meeting, majority of the party officials who supported former party President Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu in the recent party elections failed to make it to the meeting.

Despite the fact that the Leader of Opposition in Parliament Ms Winnie Kiiza and Mr Semujju Nganda who was the chairman of Gen Muntu’s campaigning committee are in Arusha, Tanzania, other pro-Muntu FDC supporters who are in the county did not show up for the first NEC meeting.
Deputy party president, Ms Alice Alaso said she failed to attend the meeting because she had other engagements to run.

“I informed the president about my absence today. I am from church and I told him that I wouldn’t be able to attend,” Ms Alaso said.
Party Deputy Spokesperson, Mr Paul Mwiru said he had gone to pick his children.

“It is just the first meeting, why worry? I was from picking my children from school, why would I have rushed to go the meeting,” Mr Mwiru asked.

After the delegates’ conference at Namboole last month, rumours emerged that Gen Muntu’s team were planning to quit the party to form their own.

A planning meeting that was held on Tuesday was chaired by Ms Joyce Nabbosa Sebugwawo. Ideally, Ms Alaso who was meant to chair it did not show up.

Mr Amuriat was meeting all the NEC members to discuss his roadmap and manifesto in the coming 100 days but only officials who supported him attended the meeting.

Composition of NEC
NEC is composed of; party President and his four deputies, chairperson and four deputies, Secretary General and two deputies, Treasurer and two deputies, Mobilizer and four deputies, Environment secretary with one deputy.

Other posts are; Health with one deputy, Publicity with one deputy, Religious Affairs with one deputy, Education and Sports also one deputy, the Youth League chairman with four deputies and Women League chairperson and four deputies and 20 members of Parliament.

The NEC members absent
Ms Winnie Kiiza, Ms Alice Alaso, Mr Semujju Nganda, Mr Francis Barnabus Gonahasa,Ms Angelina Osege, Mr Paul Mwiru, Mr Reagan Okumu, Mr Kasiano Wadri, Mr Alex Gotta, Mr Steven Ochola, Mr Elisha Okupa, Mr Martin Byomuhanji, Mr Rajab Kaaya, Ms Lucy Akello, Mr Mesach Ainebyona, Ms Florence Ibbi and Mr Ibrahim Kasozi