In Summary

The new courses, meant to expand scope, bring to 10 the number of courses at the vocational institute.

Nakawa Vocational Training Institute has introduced two new courses. This brings to 10 the number of courses offered at this institution.

The school principal, Mr Musoke Matovu, said the new courses; Information Communication Technology and Mechatronics (a combination of mechanical and electrical engineering), would start next academic year.

Mr Matovu said there were plans to include Training for Vocational Education Teaching as part of the new courses and expand the Instructor Training provision from four to eight. Instructor training refers to offering practical rather than theoretical lessons to enhance the students’ understanding of the subjects.

“We would also love to extend into training on oil. Already students at the Petroleum School of Kigumba arrived yesterday to start their training here,” Mr Matovu said during a visit by the Japanese Foreign Affairs minister, Mr Hirotami Murakoshi, yesterday.
He, however, noted that the institution’s dream is held back by inadequate funding.

Funding projects
The institute has in the past received funding from the Japanese government, through Japan International Corporation Agency. Among the funded projects include construction of workshops worth $3.54 million, equipment worth $5.4 million and also sending experts to the college to enhance learning.

Mr Murakoshi, said: “Through supporting youngsters to attain an education, we know we are training the labour force that can be helpful in running our projects and their country’s projects as well.”

The courses

Old courses
Electrical Engineering
Machining and Fitting
Automotive Engineering
Wood Work
Plumbing and Sheet Metal
Welding and Fabrication
Building and Construction.
New courses