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Finally. The Soroti Municipality MP quits active politics after more than 20 years of service.

Soroti. Soroti Municipality MP Mike Mukula’s announcement that he has quit politics has been greeted with surprise in Teso sub-region.
Capt Mukula, who is also the NRM vice chairman for eastern region, has been influential in the politics of Teso.
During a thanksgiving at Soroti Sports Grounds at the weekend, Capt Mukula emotionally told his supporters that come next year when the country goes to the polls, his name will not appear on any ballot paper. He cites ill health.
It’s an emotional time for me to say good bye,” he said.
“God created the Earth in six days and on the seventh day he rested. My people, I would like to say my seventh day has come, I am coming to rest,” he added.
The politician has undergone two operations recently to save his life.
“I have not stepped aside because of fear, 20 years are enough. I will now concentrate on personal businesses.”
Capt Mukula was handed a stool, spear and shield by a delegation of politicians from Amagoro and Kisumu in Kenya. The delegation challenged the Iteso community to unite, educate their children and build economic muscle.
Capt Mukula said the destruction of Teso and the rustling of cattle by the Karimojong warriors are scars he will live to remember.
“When others were away in Kampala and the LRA rebels invaded Teso, I stuck with you, I fought them off together with other gallant fighters of Teso,” he said. “We never abandoned you. We mobilised the auxiliary Arrow Boys whom you fed until government took over. That’s the sacrifice we put for the people of Teso,” he added.
Capt Mukula promised to remain loyal to NRM, which he served as MP, minister and mobiliser, but declined to anoint a successor for the party seat.
Eight aspirants are already canvassing for support in a bid to replace Capt Mukula as Soroti Municipality MP. They include Ms Aisha Alibai, Mr Stanley Eroku, Ms Julian Iseet, Mr Musa Ogwapit Ereu and Mr Fred Opolot all on the NRM ticket. The others are Mr Herbert Ariko, Mr Moses Atan and Mr Peter Ebiau, all FDC.

Background. He was born on August 27, 1957, in Omodoi village, Soroti District.
Education. He attended Soroti Demonstration Primary School, Teso College, Aloet and the Kenyan Flying School at Wilson Airport in Nairobi. He upgraded his pilot training in the US. In 2005, he was awarded a degree in Business Administration from Nkumba University. He was later awarded an honorary doctorate by the Latin University of Theology in California USA.
Work experience. Mukula joined politics in 1996 as Soroti Municipality MP. He was state minister for Health from 2001 to 2006. In 2006, he lost the municipality seat to FDC’s Wily Ekemu but recaptured it in 2011.

“The precedence that Mukula has set is a challenge for many leaders,”
Angeline Osegge, Soroti Woman MP

“You have come here to tell a story, you have passed through deep waters, you have seen it all, you are not alone, take courage,”
George William Erwau, Bishop of Soroti diocese

“Teso politics will never be the same without Mukula. I thank him for presenting a motion in Parliament on the disarmament of Karamojong warriors, ending cattle rustling,”
Charles Oleny, former Usuk COUNTY Mp

‘It’s our turn as ladies to take over the mantle as representatives of the people of Soroti Municipality, ’