In Summary

Bigger impact. The political leader says the Regional Tier is not so significant since it was legalised to please Baganda who had intensified demand for a federal system.

Kampala. The president of Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA), Ms Beti Kamya, has told former prime minister Amama Mbabazi to stop promoting a Regional Tier system of governance in Kigezi sub-region but instead join her party in agitating for federalism in the entire country.
Earlier last week, Mr Mbabazi urged people in Kigezi to adopt the Regional Tier to accelerate development in their area.
Speaking at the party headquarters in Kabusu, a Kampala suburb yesterday, Ms Kamya said the constitutional amendments that legalised the system in 2005 were aimed at pleasing Baganda who had intensified their demand for a federal system of governance.
She said promoting the tier system amounts to creating a LC6. Currently, LC5 is the highest unit of local government administration.
Ms Kamya questioned the timing of Mr Mbabazi’s agitation for the system at the time when President Museveni has sacked him from both Cabinet and the ruling party’s secretary general post.
“Mr Mbabazi was a very influential member of the NRM and leader of Government Business for three years. Why did he not promote the Regional Tier then and is promoting it now when he has fallen out of favour with President Museveni?” Ms Kamya asked.
She invited Mr Mbabazi to see the bigger impact of federalism such as reducing the President’s powers to appoint and dismiss officials and to access State coffers at will, which breed dictatorship.
Quoting constitutional changes of 2005 such as amendments of Article 4, 6 and 11, Ms Kamya said a Regional Tier might remove the original internal boundaries and increase tribal conflicts in the country.