A wall fence at Lohana High School, off Namirembe Road, Old Kampala, has collapsed killing six street children and injuring two others.

Deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, Mr  Luke Owoyesigyire says that the wall collapsed at about 2 a.m on Monday.

He said the injured homeless children were taken to in Mulago Hospital.

Mr Owoyesigyire said the children were sleeping in a channel near the wall.

The police rescue team, according to Mr Owoyesigyire, is still clearing the scene  to ascertain whether more children could be buried by the debris.

A survivor who identified himself as John said that they were struggling to find garments to cover themselves at night when the tragedy occurred.

According to him, all children who were asleep at the time, were killed.

“We had come to sleep. We laid sacks on the ground to sleep. I tried to grab their [victims’] sacks but they threatened to beat me,” he said. “I went to Han’s Pub where I picked a box and slept. I was told by some women in the morning that my colleagues had been killed by the [collapsing] wall.”

Last month, a perimeter wall collapsed in Seguku on Entebbe Road and killed five family members during a heavy downpour.