Kamuli Mission Hospital is stuck with a teenage mother of triplets who delivered by caesarean Monday night. Ms Jamawa Babirye, 15, a student of Lubiri Secondary School in Kampala, was taken to the hospital by a relative who has since disappeared and the man who impregnated her has also denied her too.

She narrates that the man, a trader in St. Balikudembe (Owino) market, lured her into a relationship but chased her away after a scan showed she was having triplets, claiming that in their clan, triplets are an abomination.

“He advised me to abort them but I was counseled spiritually with assurances that it would be a curse to do that, so I kept them,” she said. “God has a message through me because he touched my relative to drop me here. The nuns have successfully operated on me,” she said prayerfully and forgiving those involved in her plight.

In Kamuli, Babirye said she has been staying with her Auntie, Margaret Nankwanga, a resident of Bulopa. “We are happy for her but concerned about the wellbeing of the mother and the babies,” said Sister Rose Thumithor, the hospital administrator and principal tutor of Kamuli School of Nursing and Midwifery.

The triplets - two boys and a girl -weigh 2.5, 1.9 and 1.3 kilogrammes respectively.
They are active and students had contributed some baby cloths, dresses and shawls but the more challenges linger.

“We can avail some food but there’s need for more support if the babies and their mum are to stay alive,” Sr. Atimo said.