I couldn’t have picked a worse time to write this, seeing how I reach out to my readers on social media is now hampered by the infamous Over The Top (OTT) tax.

It is ironic how the tax stands over the top as though it is a silent pun dished out by telecom companies towards the government in a futile attempt at resistance.

I was quite skeptical about how this tax would all be implemented given the official announcement in Parliament a few months ago.

Now that it is on, we expect that the usual public outcry will continue for a few days before they come to terms with this tax. If one can afford to access social media on a daily basis, the most popular means through social bundles, which have been discontinued following the introduction of the OTT tax.

The people’s distress arises from the fact that the revenue from the OTT tax will almost certainly be embezzled without putting it to good use. As Ugandans, we ought to demand accountability from our leadership.
Uri Ludger
[email protected]