I have been prompted to write this after reading falsehoods across social media platforms.
It is quite understandable that after NRM’s obvious success in amending the Constitution, Opposition elements and their sympathisers are eager to push a line of how NRM MPs, who voted yes to the motion are being haunted by the way they voted and that they are not being welcomed by their constituents.

I would personally never mind if that were true. But as one who believes in honesty, I feel prompted to clarify whenever such false narratives start being peddled. Was there political commotion at the burial? Yes. Was Hon. Lufafa chased from the burial? No. What happened?

Midway the speech by the Mafubira Sub-county LC 3 chairperson, Mr Nagayi Kiganila, after whom I was scheduled to speak, an FDC supporter, who I got to know as a one Mr Musengwawo, approached the sub-county leader and ordered him “not to give me the microphone.”

He grabbed it and started walking away, which led my supporters to shout at him. I however, asked them to calm down.

Is the opposition sending goons to disrupt NRM politicians in their constituencies and later rush to social media to claim that NRM MPs are being witch-hunted by their constituents?

As a leader, I will not be provoked into unnecessary exchanges with those clearly planted to distract development and good order. We will continue looking forward as Butembe.
Nelson Lufafa,
Butembe MP