Jack Pemba can be described as someone with a strikingly unusual behaviour.

To many he is a philanthropist always out to splash the money on a needy Ugandan sportsman as bodybuilder Ivan Byekwaso, kickboxer Umar Semata and Warriors Basketball Club might attest. Consequently he also sees opportunities where many cannot. Just as the idea of building a state of the art sports arena in the country that focuses on martial arts is yet to gather dust, Pemba has already come up with the name of the facility.

The arena will be named in honour of Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum the Crown Prince of Dubai, United Arab Emirates,” stated Pemba who was appointed president of the Africa Elite Martial Arts Federation in January.

The arena, according to Pemba, will include a number of sports facilities such as a swimming pool and football pitch among other disciplines. Pemba, who also owns a sports promotion company Pemba Sports Africa (PSA), has for the past two months been in Dubai on behalf of the World Federation of Elite Martial Arts.

He was among the supervisors of the Dubai International tournament that is among seven other high profile events that are organised by WFM annually.
Under his sports promotion company PSA, Pemba has also extended his kind gesture to several other sporting events in Uganda.