In Summary

Frobisher Lwanga is an actor with Fun Factory and often steps into the role of comedian but away from the stage, he is a committed family man, writes Edgar R. Batte.

How would you describe yourself?
I am a simple person who respects others.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Has it happened to you?
Love at first sight. Oh, love is a strong word to use. One has to understand the capability and comfort before it is asked of anyone.

Are you in a relationship?
Yes, I am.

Who is the lucky lady?
The mother of my children

When did you two meet?
It was on March 15, 2002. I had just finished a shoot of a feature film in Fort Portal sponsored by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

How many children do you have?
We have two children; a beautiful girl and a handsome boy. They are 12 and six years old respectively. I am hoping to add a few more.

What do you enjoy most about parenting?
The memories created every day; the love and wisdom passed on from generation to generation.

Who is your ideal woman?
Someone compassionate, God-fearing, loving, considerate and mature.

Which is your most successful pick up line?
I do not remember when I last used it.

Would you date a comedian?
Love does not know colour, nationality, and educational background. Realistically, it has no borders.

What makes you happy in a relationship?
Knowing that I have someone who has my back and loves me for who I am; someone who is loyal and is always there for my children and I.

What relationship advice can you share?

Rome was not built in a day. Likewise, a relationship is a process of accepting the other person’s flaws and knowing that you are not perfect too. But most importantly, putting God in everything you do and trusting in him.
What turns you off?
I am turned off by lies, selfishness, someone taking advantage of me, meaning abusing my kindness, and being inconsiderate.

You are popular for the drunken stupor skits as a comedian; do you ever get that drunk?
Well, I could say in my late teens but as I grow older, more responsibilities are bestowed and getting drunk is not one of them.

Where did your journey begin as a comedian?
It was during a Namasagali College School play when I was asked to stand in for a character.

How did the comedian come out during that Namagasali College School play?
I used to add lines into the script and they were funny. So I thought why not create more and eventually for the next couple of years I was there, my roles were specifically written for me.

What tickles you?
A good script, an innocent dumb question from my son and observing life in the third eye. Also, being able to help the disadvantaged

Who is your favourite comedian, and why?
Richard Pryor and Robin Williams because of their wit and originality.

Who is Frobisher Lwanga away from the comedy?
I am a loving father, big brother to all my sisters, a respectful and loving son. I am also a loyal friend to those who honour me as one.

Please walk me through your education journey…
I started my pre-school in United Arab Emirates (UAE) before joining, kindergarten at Safari (Lugogo), Buganda Road Primary School, St. Savio Junior school, a brief stint at Kasasa Secondary School, Namasagali College then Makerere University.

What did you pursue at university, and how much of it has been practical in life?
I did a diploma in music, dance and drama under the government sponsorship programme and I think that is why we are having this interview.

You are into film too. Where did this start and how is it going for you?
I used to tinker with electronics and was blessed to have been part of some prestigious organisations such as British Council, Unicef and Theatre Factory before Fun Factory. There was also a transition at an early stage (Savio) had school drama competitions then to Namasagali College after which I made guest appearances on Ekitobeero A la carte and I am an actor with Fun Factory.

What is your favourite pastime?
Meeting new people, reading a good book, playing with my children, travelling to beautiful places, putting a smile on someone’s face and writing short scripts with a member of my family.

When was the last time you cried, and why?
At the birth of my daughter and son because it was a blessing like no other.