I read in the media a story about police impersonators. I think they are many and it appears they even work with KCCA scouts. For instance last Saturday, my car was clamped in the city centre after I had barely parked it for a minute.

After clamping my car, they demanded that I give them money, aka tea, or else my car would stay clamped for a whole day. I requested for their identification and they said they were working in the interest of the community.

I called a KCCA scout for assistance and he instead asked me to give them chai (tea). I then noticed that they were a clique of thugs.

They had even stopped me from entering my car, but as I was walking away, someone called me saying those men were going to dismantle my vehicle. I then called a police colleague who immediately turned up. The officer ordered one of the guys holding the key to the clamp to unclamp my car.

However, I noticed that these same guys had forced about four other people, including a woman, to sit down. The four were pleading for mercy and requesting the thugs to reduce the fee!

My surprise was the level of impunity with which these men were doing whatever they wanted. The relevant authorities, including police and KCCA, should quickly intervene and check these thugs before they cause worse havoc to city residents.
Sarah Kusiima,
[email protected]