In a space of about a week, a message of two pastors from different locations has caused discomfort among the populace. This week began with the news of Apostle Pastor Grace Lubega of Phaneroo Ministries allegedly attacking the person of Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, over his alleged presidential aspirations. In his sermon, the pastor reportedly said “a drug addict”, ‘a ganja man’, is not fit to take over the country’s highest office.
Mid-week, this newspaper carried a story where a pastor in the eastern district of Tororo took on his flock and blasted those who were using family planning methods to determine the number of children they need as ‘murderers’.
Pastor Girado Olukol, the head of the Pentecostal Outreach Ministries in Tororo, asserted that those who engage in family planning services, are running away from God’s command of bearing as many children as they can to fill the earth.
The messages by both pastors have apparently angered the populace. Reason? Because they (the two pastors) seemed to be ‘judgmental’ and ‘unrealistic’ at the same time. While it is the right of every pastor or anybody else to express their views about what is happening in society, doing so at the pulpit requires extra care to avoid mixing the individual’s and God’s Word.

Instead of castigating and judging the people, preachers should be preaching life changing and nourishing gospel. Society is bleeding because there is no more salt in what is preached. Many believers these days go to church, but leave empty handed because they are let down by a preacher/pastor.
When all hopes seem to be gone given the biting poverty, increasing commodity prices, to high hospital bills, school fees, numerous murders and corruption, among others, it is the Cross that people look to restore their hope.

Therefore, sermons that do not stick to the Word of God and veer off to what is seen to be partisan political talk, will make the congregation have mixed reactions about it. This does help build faith in people.
It is this kind of preaching that gives birth to Christian fundamentalism, which leads to polarising the congregation and sometimes a backlash against the preacher.
Men/women of God should be the last category of people to cause divisions in the country. There is nothing wrong with the pastors engaging in politics. What, is wrong, however, is for them to engage in partisan politics.
They can, for instance, applaud best political practices that promote national unity and condemn bad politics, which can lead to the suffering of their followers and the entire population.