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  • Time Management: Do not for any reason be late. Not just on the first day but for as long as you can. Not only does it give your employers a good impression of you, it also gives you an early start. This way, you are able to accomplish much.

Linda Mugabi was hired to run a foreign embassy’s social media accounts and despite being qualified for the job, she like did not perform as expected. She says her supervisor thought her to be too luckluster and that she was too slow in catching up with the organisation’s culture.

In 2017, Ms Joanitah Ndagire travelled to Muscat Oman for employment but her contract was terminated because she failed to live up to the employer’s expectations.

She says some of the difficulties she faced while working were because she had not received prior training.

In retrospect, she thinks going through training would have enabled her perform her duties.

Job failure
Many workers abroad or within the country fail to perform stipulated duties for one reason or another.
Many have fallen victim to breach of contract and some have ended up in jail for the same. There are many reasons why pursuit for employment could have a disastrous end. It could be mistreatment from employers, unrealistic expectations, work overload, to mention but a few.

But underneath all these is the fact that workers are never given pre-posting training. This training is important because sometimes, for instance if one is travelling abroad for work, there is bound to be cultural shock, weather differences, dress code regulations and others.

What basic training entails
Selected contractors should be provided with intensive training on various aspects of the job from, cultural do’s and don’ts, communication skills, workplace etiquette, an organisation’s history, how to deal with sexual harassment, bribery, etc.

Training might not solve all workplace problems but could help some workers adapt to their new surroundings and culture quickly, and therefore perform their duties as expected.

Preparing for a new job
Insist on a job description in writing.
Read your job description and make sure to understand it. Ask where duties seem unclear. This way, you will know what is expected of you.

Dress code
There is nothing worse than walking into the office on your first day and realising that you’re outrageously under dressed.
Research the company
It’s a good idea to go over it again, familiarising yourself with the company, industry and what your job actually entails.
It’s always a good idea to email your new boss, prior to your start date and ask them what they’re expecting from you in your first week.
Find your new co-worker online
In this digital era, it is easy to find out a few basic details about anyone as long as they are on social media. However, don’t read up on people while at work.
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