President Museveni should toughen on government officials in the fight against corruption if ordinary citizen are to be protected. In a situation where citizens have to bribe their way to get services, fighting corruption becomes a challenge. Imagine you need a service and failure to bribe your way may lead to either death or losing your property. Here is my experience.

I am live in UK and I received a call from Uganda that my land was in the process of being sold. I boarded a plane to Uganda and went to Mutundwe Police Station near Kampala to report the matter. The police were not helpful as they sided with the con man who sold the land.
I went to CID headquarters and reported the matter. They told me to get a lawyer to petition court and that when the case is ruled in my favour, I should return to them for help. Number one, a lawyer costs dearly.

Number two, courts do not hear cases quickly. Number three, the conman had applied for special land titles and he was to get one soon. This would have made the second buyer a bona-fide purchaser; the law stops retrieving land from a bona-fide purchaser. Time was of essence. I walked to another CID office at Kibuli, gave cash (bribe). Some officers were assigned to accompany me to the con man and his lawyer. The con man was immediately arrested. And while under arrest, the buyer volunteered to step out of the land deal. He gave evidence against the con man and the Mutundwe LCI chairman. They lost the case and this is how I regained my land.
Caxton Kasozi-Batende,
[email protected]