Why did you propose to Ruth in church?
Robert: I never wanted her to doubt my words. No believer can play in the house of the Lord, so I proposed in His presence.

How did you meet?
Robert: In 2016, I saw Ruth at Big God Church Bunga. She was an interpreter and a member of the choir. I joined the choir and we became good friends who shared a lot spiritually. After one year, I realised the need to have a partner and my heart and mind drew me to Ruth. I prayed over this revelation for six months and when I got confirmation from God, I opened up to Ruth.

How did you open up to her?
Robert: One evening, I called her and asked her to meet me at church. I told her I was ready to take her on as my wife. It did not take her long to respond.

How did you react to his proposal?
Ruth: I was shocked. I had imagined that he had a fiancée at the time. However, I made some demands, chief of which was if he was willing to wait for me until I finished school. He agreed. That was enough for me.

What was your centre of focus?
Robert: Ruth has great love for God. She is always yearning to serve the Lord and I knew she would back me towards my calling.

Ruth: He is God-fearing, understanding, humble, honest and handsome.

After she accepted your proposal, what followed next?
Robert: We approached our pastors and shared our intensions with them. The senior pastor asked us whether we were ready to live together. When we agreed, we decided to visit Ruth’s parents in Mbale District in October 2017. When her parents accepted me, I was given a list of the things they wanted as bride price.

When was the introduction ceremony?
Robert: Four months after the visit to her parents, on March 31, 2018, we had the introduction ceremony in Kamonkoli, Mbale.

How did you collect the funds?
Robert: Apart from my savings, I held fundraising meetings.

Ruth: I had about eight meetings in total which enabled me collect the funds I needed.

How much was your budget and what was the most expensive item?
Robert: It totalled to Shs13.5 million and the most expensive items were the cows and goats which cost Shs2 million.

Ruth: On my side, the budget amounted to Shs9million and food was the most expensive item at Shs3million.

What was your theme colour?
Ruth: I used animal print but incorporated royal blue and yellow. Royal blue is my favourite colour. The decoration cost Shs1.8 million.

How many times did you change?
Ruth: I changed four times. I had three gomesis and a dress. I had a cream gomesi with silver stones and a royal blue sash with silver stones, then a green gomesi with a grey stone net which I blended with a red sash and silver shoes. I later changed into a red long dress for the singing session and cake cutting. Lastly, I wore a cream gomesi with blue flowers, a royal blue sash and silver shoes. All my garments, shoes and jewellery cost Shs1.1 million.

How did you choose which gomesi to wear at different points?
Ruth: I did not choose anything. A trusted friend helped me out since I was busy with work. She took my measurements to the tailor and the clothes were tailored. I thank God that she made the right choices. Since I could not travel with anyone from Kampala, my friends plaited my hair a day before I travelled. When I reached the village, I styled my hair and did my makeup in a nearby salon at Shs100,000.

What was the bride price?
Robert: I was supposed to take cows and goats but since I could not transport them from Kampala to Mbale, my father-in-law suggested that I present cash. I also gave him a sofa set as his gift.

What were the must-haves on the budget?
Robert: I was asked to take a certificate from Buganda Kingdom, a map of Buganda, the bride’s flower basket, her suit case, and her ssenga’s suit case

Ruth: On my part, the food, cake, clothes and decoration were must-haves.

Among the items he brought what is that one item that caught your eyes?
Ruth: Apples. Robert is the apple of my eye.

How did you prepare on D-day since you had to travel a very long distance?
Robert: We left Kampala at 6am. We made only one stopover in Iganga district to buy the sofa set and paraffin. We also had to dress up in the clothes for the function before reaching Ruth’s home. The attire cost me Shs500,00. We ended up reaching there at 2pm but, thank God we were not fined.

What excited you most on that day?
Robert: Ruth was so happy when she openly confirmed to everyone present that I am and will always be the only man in her life.

Ruth: The decoration was good, the food was excellent and the sound system was clear. My guests turned up and it did not rain. Everybody around was happy.

Did you get any disappointments?
Robert: The person who was supposed to give me the car did not show up. I was introduced to another person, who ended up not showing up either. Also, there were some unfulfilled pledges.

Ruth: When my sister-in-law gave me a gift, the MC did not give her enough time to talk. I did not feel good about that. I also had a debt of Shs200,000 with the decorator, but I paid it a few days after the ceremony.

Tit bits
Groom: Robert Kuteesa
Bride: Ruth Kisakye
Date: March 31, 2018
Venue: Kamonkoli, Mbale district
Bride price: Two cows and four goats
Cake: Shs300,000
Deco: Shs1.8m
Food: Shs3m