Despite growing up a stone-throw away from Rwanda, I had never been to the country until a few weeks ago. Of course, any country has its politics and I have seen some relating to Rwanda discussed before, but to be sincere, I know little about it and I’m the least qualified to talk about it. Therefore, what I have seen is what I can talk about.

I often heard about the cleanliness of Kigali and thought that was all. I had a picture of a small clean town with small buildings, small shops selling little things and not much else to talk about. Sometimes when I would see pictures of parts of Kigali shared on social media, I would think they were photoshops by those who want to promote Rwanda.

But I have realised that many who downplay the work done in Rwanda are doing so out of ignorance. What I have seen in Rwanda, specifically in Kigali, is way beyond what I had ever imagined.

The way Rwandans have organised their country from accounts of those that saw what it was not many years ago is amazing. The infrastructure development, information technology advancement, world class facilities, international hotels and systems that work, put some of our African countries and cities to shame. In particular, Kampala looks like the indisciplined brother of Kigali. I think they have become the Singapore of Africa.
The Rwandans have shown that change can be done and they are purposefully turning excellence into a culture.
Stephen Twinoburyo,
[email protected]