In Summary
  • Self defence. The woman should not spare any effort in severely damaging the brute. Any man, whatever strength or desire he has, will suddenly and helplessly despair in great pain.

My book The Blessing and Joy of Being Who You Are was first published in 2012.
At its launch, Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga was the chief guest among many other Ugandan notables who graced the occasion.
Some of the guests, including former Ethics minister Miria Matembe, businesswoman Tereza Mbire, Gen Elly Tumwine, retired justices Augustine Kania and Patrick Tabaro, among others, read extracts from the book.
Ministers, leaders of the Opposition such as Dr Kizza Besigye and religious leaders such as retired bishop Zac Niringiye were moved by some of the readings.

Those present at the launch will remember how Ms Matembe with emotion read the extract on Page 418, sub-headed: “Complete defence by a woman against a man’s rape whether armed or unarmed.”
During their remarks, both Ms Kadaga and Ms Matembe pleaded with all present to spread the gospel of resistance and superiority of women, especially in the complete defence against sexual assaults.
The extract has been effectively utilised in many countries with a reading culture, especially in United Kingdom where I was a university don.
This defence was first published in Uganda on the day my book was launched. It was repeated on the first Women’s Day, following the launch. This is it:

“On Women’s Day in 2010, I had published in the New Vision newspaper the following advice about how any woman can defeat a would-be rapist, however strong or heavily armed.
On being confronted by such a character, the lady should endeavour to show great signs of welcome and desire to fulfil the man’s intentions and sexual desires. The would-be victim might say, ‘please sir, there is no need to panic or use violence. I have always dreamt of being taken by a man of strength and looks like you. Please,where can we do it, here or there?’

Then the lady should pretend to prepare for him. And then say, ‘but darling, I am shy. You will have to touch me. But sir, can you put your knife, gun or your hammer (whatever he is armed with)on the ground or you may keep it but may be, sir, it will not be comfortable for both of us. Your hands may not be free to enjoy me fully’, or use whatever words or soothing language that will flatter any beast of this kind.

As he relaxes, the woman should remain acutely alert but covertly watching his front where his weapons of rape are situated. The intended victim may say, ‘please you undress first. She may remove her blouse or shirt as if in readiness. The beast will believe that she is an easy target. He will react positively in the woman’s visibly amorous behaviour and the woman seizes an opportune moment when the beast’s private parts are fully accessible she then strikes like lightening with thunderbolt speed and mortally disables the brute with an unstoppable kick or pull off the weapons of rape.

The woman should not spare any effort in severely damaging the brute. Any man, whatever strength or desire he has, will suddenly and helplessly despair in great pain. The desire to ingratiate himself in the pleasures of sex will evaporate and he will become as powerless as deadwood.
The woman may pick his weapon or weapons and throw them away in triumph or even beat up the brute senseless.
In any event, the lady will have disarmed him and destroyed the instruments of rape. Women should always feel superior and more cunning than brutes of that kind. Several women who have been saved by this advice have testified to its absolute effectiveness.”