I have done things. Really bad things. I have done really bad things to boutique owners in Kampala suburbs. I have those horrible things in my mind. Even just thinking about it now, I feel my mind grab one by the neck, pin her to the wall and well… okay, let us not get violent here. But truth be told, it takes all my energy to remain sane on some of my shopping escapades. If you are a plus size woman or anything above a size 10, you may get my drift.

It is a pleasant day, two things, either the shopper in you draws you to the numerous boutiques, (what with the mushrooming shopping malls around this town) or the demand created by an upcoming event. Irrespective, you find yourself at one of the clothes’ shops.

Drawn by the attractive display, you make your way inside, excited that the perfect outfit is hanging somewhere there and you are going to relive it from the dust. The saleswoman looks at you, responds to your greeting sometimes enthusiastically, sometimes coldly. You inquire about an outfit and ask her to show you around.

“I don’t have your size,” a light skinned young woman in kaftan at a boutique in Bugolobi, once said to me. Then she glanced at me, and went back to pressing her phone. I stood blank, not sure what to say or do. Just like that, she dismissed me. Not one to give up easily I responded. But what size is that that you assume is my size. Blank stare. I started touching the jeans and looking at the sizes. “You look but I don’t think you can find. All those are small,” she said. Then I saw it, a size 12. This is my size I told her.

“Really!” she exclaimed with shock and scorn on her face. I decided we were going to play this game. I ignored her rude look. I went to the changing room and it was a perfect fit. “Kale I’m shocked, it fits,” she said, very embarrassed. Then she began playing friendly saleswoman.

By this time, I was too disgusted, I just handed her back the pair of jeans and walked out. It felt good, so good like that scene in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts gets to buy all those expensive clothes after being weighed down by the saleswoman. I have had the experience one too many times, when a salesperson just will not bother show you outfits assuming they are not your size. Granted there will be some too small, but let us face it, which shop would have only size 10 clothes?

And well, if you do not have my size why not let me be the judge of that. I’m paying for the merchandise after all! Once out of spite, I bought two dresses out of a pile said not to be my size.

They fitted just right. Such rude behaviour just drains the fun out of shopping for plus size women, but I shall not relent. Armed with my wallet, I will touch and see whatever merchandise I please. I will be the judge of whether it fits or not. Someone just hold me before I do some really bad things to these boutique saleswomen.