In the past wooden pallets were mainly used to erect ordinary storage mechanisms. Their uses have, however, since morphed. And while there are many tasks they can perform, the wooden pallets are behind a new trend of modern furniture that has swept the city. They are being used to make dynamic yet exquisite interior furniture such as beds, chairs and tables.
Many people are choosing the furniture made out pallets over the ordinary furniture due to its versatility, affordability, and durability. The pallets have gained popularity because they are easily accessible and once damaged, can easily be repaired. Atop the fact that they can also be recycled and repurposed to cater for so many interesting projects like flower beds and fencings.
Solomon Lule, a businessman, says he got to know of pallet furniture from a close friend. “My friend had had this sofa set that had lasted many years but was still in good condition. Upon his advice I decided to have some pieces made for my house and I have not regretted this decision,” he says.

Products made from pallets
Bashir Masembe, an interior designer at Nomaro Interior Solutions, says there are many pieces of furniture that can be made from wooden pallets including loungers, sitting sets, coffee tables, dining tables, beds, benches, centre tables, TV stands, shelves and couches among others. Masembe urges one to buy pallet furniture because of its numerous advantages.

He contrasts the affordability of pallets that are used to make pallet furniture to other raw materials used to make the same furniture saying: “Pallets are cheaper to purchase compared to other raw materials thus one incurs less costs during production consequently lowering the price for the finished goods.”
Masembe adds that the raw material used to make pallet furniture are accessible leading to a cut in the cost of production and a reduction in the price at which a client buys the furniture.
He adds that one does not necessary need to employ the services of an expert to make or maintain pallet furniture, “Pallet furniture is simple to manage. It can easily be fixed by fitting in small nails with a hammer and is easily repaired in case of damage,” he says.

Easy to recycle
When one grows tired of using pallet furniture for a particular task, he can mold it into several other products such as flower beds. Pallet furniture also has high levels of friction thus prevents possible sliding, even on slippery floor surfaces.
“Pallet furniture are susceptible to bacterial and fungal growth, though it can be prevented by putting the furniture in dry areas, using anti-fungal and anti-bacterial sprays to deter their growth, and also application of vanish and paint during finishing to help solve the problem,” Masembe advises.

Bashir Masembe, an interior designer at Nomaro Interior Solutions, says prices of the different pallet furniture pieces are dependent on the specification that the client wants.
For example, glowing pallet king-size beds with automatic lights cost Shs500,000. Tables range from between Shs100,000 and Shs200,000, beds cost Shs200,000 and seats go for between Shs300,000 and Shs950,0000.