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Do you dream of nailing the perfect gift for the active person in your life? Look no further than this guide, filled with the coolest gear and products that any fitness buff is sure to treasure

Gifting is the norm during the festive season. It does not have to be a set of cutlery or a suit. There are some whose resolution for 2019 is to work out more and keep fit. A gift in line with that will remind them that their resolution is valid and there are friends out them cheering them.

Slimming belt
If workouts alone have not helped your friend regarding reducing belly fat, Sylivia Kabatooro of Kabs Fitness, suggests you get them a slimming belt. The belt will work well alongside exercise to help them achieve their goals. You can get one at Shs299,000. It also has heat diffusion to aid blood circulation with automatic and manual controls to help you use it.

Gym membership
Rebecca Mukiibi Namyenya, a nurse at Wellcare Ltd, says: “For one that has always desired to keep fit but never actually gone through with it, gym membership is great.” It will be great for them to get information, consultations and experiences from the instructors. The cost of the voucher will depend on the gym you choose.
Kabatooro advises one to buy one a gym attire. These are used daily whether one goes to the gym or exercises from home. She says these act as motivation because a good gym outfit will get one in the mood to go out and exercise.

Workout gloves
Robert Ddamulira of Robbie Fitness says these will help one to avoid hand bruises when working out. The gloves can be bought from most fitness stores for between Shs20,000 and Shs100,000.

Tummy trimmer
Belly fat is one thing that most women are fighting against. That is not to say that men are healthy with bulging tummies. For that friend with the need to lose belly fat, a tummy trimmer is ideal. While there are several being sold on the roadside for somewhere between Shs40,000 and Shs50,000, you can get one from a sports shop for between Shs80,000 and Shs100,000.

Kabatooro believes that these are a great start-up accessory for one starting out on the exercise journey. Depending on where you buy them from, they will cost you somewhere from Shs25,000 and higher. Carrying your property to and from the gym would best be done in a gym bag. Raphael Muhwezi, a fitness enthusiast says you can get a great bag for somewhere between Shs65,000 and Shs100,000.

Skipping Rope
Going to the gym is not always possible. However, with a rope, Ddamulira says you can get your body in shape without any excuses. Depending on sports shop you go to and the material of the rope you need, you will buy it between Shs10,000 and Shs70,000. For body building exercises without necessarily going to the gym, Ddamuira suggests gifting someone with dumbbells. “For those days when one is caught up for one reason or another, these will come in handy to help them keep up with their workout regimen,” he says.

It is a device, usually portable and electronic that counts each step a person takes by detecting the motion of the person’s hands or hips. They are used by sports and physical enthusiasts, and can be a motivation tools for people wanting to increase their physical activity. It will also count calorie consumption, helping you adjust your diet menu. This is a great gift for adults and children alike because they are usually made of ABS plastic hence comfortable and lightweight to wear. It is also waterproof, durable and skin friendly. It can be got at Shs250,000.

Water bottle
It is great for continuous hydration. “Anyone into fitness needs to continually sip water as they go through the day as well as rehydrate after a workout.
Besides that, water will keep their skin looking healthy,” Kabatooro says. There are several on the market but on average, a good bottle costs Shs25,000.
An ab-roller is a great present for that man friend that has been looking to move from one-pack to six-pack.
While there are several around town, with hawkers along the roads, a reliable one is available at sports shops for Shs70,000.