Who is Pat Larubi?
I am a Ugandan independent investigative journalist. I produce special news features for television. I am a lifestyle and travel photographer, blogger and award-winning activist for persons with disability. I am the first born in a family of eight children. I am not sure where I was raised because being a child of a police man, I travelled and lived in almost all districts in Uganda.

How has life as a journalist been?
My dream was to become one of the best news producers in Uganda, given my information and communication technology (ICT) background. I joined UMCAT School of Journalism and Mass Communication and that was the beginning of my career. I volunteered to lecture students with ICT skills in exchange for fees. I worked with Mama FM as an intern at Parliament and I later went to Gulu to work with Speak FM as a presenter. I have worked as a freelanc journalist for NTV and Daily Monitor. Currently, I write stories focusing on challenges facing albinos.

Share your experience of working with people with disabilities
I have interacted with many people with disabilities. Those with albinism, cerebral palsy, physical disabilities, the deaf, blind, autism, mental disability and those with multiple disabilities like the deaf and blind. I have discovered that they possess unique hidden abilities. In fact, I no longer focus on disability but their abilities, something that has attracted me to advocate for their rights.

Do freelancers get money from sources?
It is unethical to obtain money from sources. It compromises the quality of content to be published or broadcast. Some journalists do, others don’t. Sources should double verify true identities of journalists.

Have you ever solicited money from a source?
Never. When I attended the first training by African Centre for Media Excellency (ACME), the only thing I wanted to learn was pitching good stories. I have national and international journalists who mentor me.

What major challenge is journalism in Uganda facing?
Lack of support and funding for specialised training. Social media is also a big threat to mainstream media. Journalists who are not multi-skilled will soon become obsolete because employers want to hire people who can take on numerous tasks.

It is alleged that journalists do not have stable relationships. Is this true?
It depends on one’s character. Many journalists have walked down the aisle. Haven’t you seen Andrew Kabuura, Lawrence Ogwal and Andrew Kyamagero? Journalists are responsible beings and most of them have stable families.

Are you married?
I am a happy husband to two women- Amony Jenneth Pa’Larubi and Judith Komukama Larubi. I have six children. I am working hard to provide for my family.

Would you kneel to apologise to your wife?
When you annoy your partner, calm down and apologise. This does not necessitate kneeling.

Can you wash your wife’s undies? I would definitely wash them.

Would you tell your wife your atm password?

Secrecy in relationships is suicidal. What if something happened to you and they needed money?
I openly tell my wives my ATM and mobile money passwords.