In Summary
  • Since skipping did not necessitate Lillian Mazimwe to go to the gym, or be in a specific place, she found it very cheap and convenient as an indoor workout.
  • Increase bone density: Although the density may not be likened to when one running, skipping increases one’s bone density owing to the impact of jumping.

It is a childhood game that in some places such as the US is part of sports competitions. While many have relegated it for the agile bodies of the young, skipping is a great workout that can give results without coupling it with another.

Elly Barangi, a fitness trainer, says, “Make sure you have a good rope, the local sisal rope or a sports rope, whatever you can get is great. Nonetheless, the beaded or plastic ropes are more durable and whip around faster, which makes the workout more intense and rewarding. Before you begin using a rope, ensure that it can accommodate your height – not too long or short. You can do that by measuring it to your height and ensuring that when you stand in the middle of the rope, the handles extend to your armpits.”

Just like every other exercise, preparation is great so that the body does not get shocked. Barangi advises one to do breathing exercises and starts small so that their body adapts, “Besides that, a pair of good workout shoes will keep your joints from suffering from the impact of jumping. That said, as you make your jumps, ensure they are small and you land on the balls of your feet,” he advises.

“It helped me lose weight faster and was the cheapest option. A good rope is about Shs20,000, although you can also get one at Shs10,000. It also works out the whole body, causing one to sweat from head to toe hence more calories lost. Being a stay at home mother then, I would do it on an hourly basis. But even with my second child and increased responsibilities, I skip both in the morning and evening at least 100 times,” Sylvia Kabatooro, the founder of Kabs Weight Management, shares.
She adds that because of skipping, her body got toned, she lost weight uniformly, and also became quicker as one cannot skip slowly – it gets tiring. After skipping, she went on to further tone her body.

How to do it
Kabatooro says one can make it even past 100 skips, “Do it in intervals, more so as you start out or if your target is big, say, 10,000 skips. When skipping you need to concentrate 100 per cent otherwise you will not get great results. Another benefit therefore is that the whole body, even the brain is always alert,” she says.
Kabatooro adds that skipping is something she does every day unless when she is on a special diet of say apples or pawpaw. But with real food or just portioning, it is seven days a week, “I advise people above 100kgs not to skip because the knees cannot support that weight as you skip. Try to reduce the weight with other methods first, such as dieting then start skipping,” she advises.

Since skipping did not necessitate Lillian Mazimwe to go to the gym, or be in a specific place, she found it very cheap and convenient as an indoor workout. It, therefore, became a daily routine to skip 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening.
“However, the issue came with not being an early morning person, especially with workouts. I then switched to skipping for 25 minutes each day. I have found it very effective for general body weight loss as it also tones the arms, thighs, legs, muscles and the tummy. It also helped me to become lighter,” she shares about her weight loss journey.
At the start, Mazimwe found it quite scary considering the fact that she was quite heavy, “I wondered if I was going to jump off the ground anyway,” she says.

However, in her fitness group, they were advised to skip with no direct supervision, but self-drive, which meant she had to choose between skipping or not.
“I chose the former and have learnt that we are always in control of our bodies. If you have a mindset of ‘I cannot do this or that, it is highly possible that you will never do it.
Therefore, self-motivation, discipline, focus, sacrifice, and determination have been very crucial in my weight loss,” she says.

Benefits of skipping
Elly Barangi, a fitness trainer, shares why skipping is one routine everyone can engage in and reap benefits:
Build agility: For one that desires to get ‘lighter on their feet’ skipping is the go to work out. Barangi explains, “When one skips on the balls of their feet, the body connects with the mind to make “neural muscular adjustments” which enhances balance. That makes one coordinate by making their mind focus on their feet for a long time even unconsciously.

Increase bone density: Although the density may not be likened to when one running, skipping increases one’s bone density owing to the impact of jumping.
Enhances your brain: Even for just a few minutes, exercising is great for your brain. However, skipping, being both a mental and physical exercise has higher impact on mental abilities. The best workouts for your brain are therefore those that involve rhythm, coordination and strategy.
Portable: A rope can be carried in time anywhere since it is not bulky.

Workout guide


While many may do it for fun, jogging has many mental and health benefits.
• Cholesterol. If you have high cholesterol, a jogging regimen is a natural way to get back to balanced levels. It contributes to good cholesterol and lowering triglycerides.
• Weight loss. Jogging increases burning of calories. On this way it is possible to lose weight and achieve a better and firmer body figure.
• Heart health. Jogging lowers or even eliminates risk factors associated with the illness because it reduces levels of cholesterol.
• Relieves stress. During the jogging people have time alone to think about problems and as they run, they find extra power to deal with these problems.

• Lowers blood pressure. This is because the heart can function at a higher level and oxygen is being delivered throughout the body more efficiently.
• Strengthen muscles and bone density. Muscles and bones became more stable and more mobile with jogging, especially the back, hips and legs.
• Burns abdominal fat. It can be argued with certainty that jogging is one of the most effective exercises for burning fat from the abdomen.
General safety tips:
• Keep right such that you are in position to clearly see the cars ahead of you.
• Look both ways before crossing.
• Running with a partner or a dog will give more motivation and help you go further than expected.
• Wear reflective material if you must run before dawn or after dark.