My husband and I have a habit of bringing back home ‘discoveries’. For example if I go out or try a new restaurant, bakery, roadside joint and love the product I automatically take home a sample, the same for him.

The catch here though is the children…how does one share a samosa, bottled drink, chocolate or a portion of pork between four people…four children including the taster? So what we often do is sneak the product into our bedroom, wait till the children are in bed (to avoid their sniffing noses) and then munch and rate the product. I know… we are ‘terrible’ parents.

I realised we need a designated space in our bedroom where to temporarily stash our discoveries and as I quickly swept through the room, I could barely find a space to add furniture without beginning to congest the space!

So, one afternoon it finally hit me! Do like the Chinese. Go up.
Most furniture is spread out width wise thus taking up a lot of floor space leaving the middle and top quite empty to house things that are more decorative than functional.

Redesign for snack bar
In my case, my target is the unit that houses the music system. I am designing a unit that will replace the one that I currently have. The new design will feature a shutter cabinet at the bottom to hold mineral water or wine bottles and disposable glasses. I have had enough with walking up and down the stairs to the kitchen to fetch a clean glass and snacks.
If you prefer, you can design the bottom cabinet to be big enough to hold a mini fridge.

The middle section or shelf will house the music system as it also gives allowance for one to easily use the remote control to switch channels without straining your arm downwards or upwards. The top shelf will hold a vase of flowers but it can alternatively be used to store some reading books or precious magazines.

There are many ways you can maximise your furniture. Bedside drawers do not have to be the traditional two drawer’s height especially when you really do not have storage. They could be two tall towers of drawers standing beside your bed. Not only will they be functional but you will find they frame the bed much better.

At the end of the day, it is not really hard to create a multi-purpose master suite, just think outside the box.

The writer is an interior designer