Reforms that started in the early 1990s laid the foundation for people to start own business. The reforms, which came with privatisation of government-owned enterprises, created a win-win situation in people’s minds. While on the one hand many people were excited about starting own business to make money, on the other, the government wanted to increase tax revenue to provide services. With no clear skills and capital to run business, many people resorted to depending on business premises landlords and other people for help and guidance on how to move their businesses forward.

Landlords took advantage of lack of clear policies and laws as regards tenancy to charge higher rental fees or keep raising the rent without considering the plight of the tenants. Worse still, government would not intervene.
The government through Parliament introduced statutory bodies such as Uganda Revenue Authority to tax businesses, local councils, and Uganda Registration Service Bureau to maximise national revenue
Stephen Wabomba,
[email protected]