Brethren, I am tired of fighting small fights.
I thought we East Africans pride ourselves on our hospitality and generosity, so why on earth are we always finding public toilets locked? What kind of happy feeling fills the chest of the person with the keys? I mean, when a building is built and open to the public, that makes it a public building. This means that its common areas are, in fact, public and these weird people trying to make people soil their trousers and skirts while looking for a public toilet should be publicly flogged.
I really want to know what ails the people who carry the title ‘caretaker’ in these sorts of buildings. Are they so idle, so inhuman, that the only thing that makes sense to them is to stop their fellow human beings from defecating? Charge a few shillings, if you must, to help pay the workers who clean the toilets, and to buy tissue paper and soap, but locking the toilets completely is to display another level of evil that is difficult to comprehend. I am thinking about the caretaker in the building where I work. Can you believe, brethren, that on the unfortunate day a matatu baptised me anew in dirty water, she had the nerve to berate me for trying to dry my dress under the hand dryer! I could imagine her seated in her office (placed strategically next to the washrooms), carefully listening out for sounds that indicated excessive use of resources like electricity, water and air. What pettiness!
I wonder if the people who lock out their fellow human beings use toilet themselves. Or are they fitted out with catheters that drain wastes from their bodies, once they are hired for their odious jobs? Hmmm. Well, I have been thinking about doing something to really make a statement and get my voice heard about this locked toilets issue. One day I will do what I came to do in front of the locked door. See how they will fly open for me thereafter! Let me pray and fast for boldness.