As aspirations of Ugandan football soar, the space for execution of the daily activities also calls for expansion.
Daily Monitor has learnt that Fufa has procured premises for the extension of its headquarters in Mengo.
The federation First Vice President Justus Mugisha, who will head the project, confirmed the latest development.
“We procured space near Fufa House. It will help us create more space for the Secretariat staff. Fifa has played a key role in financing some of the projects of its Member Associations.
“We shall make use of this project to serve the football family with improved service delivery,” Mugisha explained.
The funding of this project is part of the Fifa Forward Programme (FFP) and is one of the 15 programmes to be funded by Fifa. “Our secretariat staff is ever becoming bigger. We no longer fit in the space, and this is a project which we have discussed with Fifa,” Mugisha added.
“It is the first ever project of that sort where by Fifa accepts to give a federation money to build a project that is already existing.”
The current two-storeyed building located on plot 879, Wakaliga Road-Mengo was built under the Fifa Goal I project during the reign of Denis Obua (RIP) in 2003. It was constructed by Zzimwe Construction Company.
Fufa is eligible to receive Fifa funding of US$2.25m (Shs8.1bn) for the 2014-2018 cycle.