The President on Wednesday delivered his State-of-the Nation Address. A plethora of critical issues raised makes me muse that, if only our leaders, citizens and donors agree to proactively work on the most important development challenges that need to be solved in the country, we could quickly meet the coveted middle income status in the next decade.

The budget allocations, which is a sequel to this event, will possibly draw further critical questions, whose support and what conditions make progress more or less likely? Which national issues do leaders consider to be their preferred critical development agenda when allocating resources?

To answer these questions, I draw upon the unique experiences and perspectives of government officials, civil society leaders, private sector representatives, and development partners working on the ground in this country that our priorities as a country are eloquently good.

Following the 2017 State-of-the-Nation Address, the President kept telling the country that in order to guarantee prosperity of our country, we need to remember the following five issues: Peace; development of infrastructure and the human resource; wealth creation; job creation; and market access.

It would have been interesting to note key outcomes, statistical and qualitative narratives to these proposals, which were void in the State-of-the-Nation Address.
Jonson Okwera,
[email protected]