’Mummy, do you like driving?’

The question caught me off guard. I was still sizzling from the anger that I felt towards this young man. I struggled between not answering him and telling him that i was still so angry.
Though it was still significantly dark outside, we were on the road and the traffic was already nearly a nuisance.

I had been up from 5am and having worked deliberately to ensure we were out of the house by 6am in order to beat the traffic to school. I cannot begin to emphasize just how yours truly really resents driving in the traffic and I normally make every effort to avoid it.

Now this my little gentleman had opted to take his time and we were late by close to eight minutes.
Now seven or eight minutes is a very short time until those few minutes make all the difference when it comes to traffic build up. I don’t know if there are many frustrating experiences like having to drive through two or three hours in a place that would ordinarily take 25 minutes or so.

I had been late the previous day and in a bid to prevent a repeat, I had gone an extra mile to drag myself out of bed and here we were caught in the traffic.

As is only typical of little boys it wasn’t long before he was calling me again and making conversation like nothing had happened.

It took alot of speaking to myself to convince me to get over my anger and frustration. At each turn i was still tempted to rub in how unimpressed i was with him and here he was telling me about the fundraiser the grade 9s to grade 12 were planning in order to visit disadvantaged children in Gulu.

I had to get over the desire to remain angry as i quietly reminded myself that part of my role was to create positive vibes for my son before he started a fresh day at school. As we took the last turning before school gate i knew i needed to compose myself to pray a blessing on him as is required of me as a parent.

I even had to refrain from reprimanding him about his uncombed hair which was now showing with the sun rising on us. I rebuked myself for not having an extra comb and brush in the car and made a mental note to buy another one specifically for such times.