This year continues to be one of risk-taking. The latest accessory trend is – a fanny pack. This is a little bag worn on a belt or as a cross body bag. Its functional benefits are countless as it can carry all your essentials without being bulky or cumbersome.

Using this bag frees up your hands to carry other belongings such as your jacket and if you are a mother, your baby and many more.
However, that is not why it is the hottest little thing in fashion. It has cemented itself as a must-have accessory for celebrity fashionistas; from the Hadids, to the Jenners and the Kardashians, and that is after ruling the runways during fashion week. Even Kampala fashion Week had its own dose of this polarising fashion trend.

Fanny packs come in a number of colours and fabrics. The coolest and most universal being the leather belt bag. Universal in the sense that many cool people are probably wearing one right now. Designers are creating more fun-looking fanny packs in denim and other fabrics so feel free to look out for a cool one that tickles your fancy.

Away from being a belted purse, it can be a worn as a cross body bag on the hip or even thigh. There are just so many ways to work with this bag. We are hoping it stays forever.