In Summary

It is serene with a beautiful scenery. Biharwe suburb in Mbarara is a good spot to invest in homes and hotels.

Located 12kms east of Mbarara Town, Biharwe is one of the fastest developing urban areas in Mbarara municipality. Its placement directly along Masaka-Mbarara highway renders it a worthy investment opportunity.
It borders Kiruhura District, in the west and south, and Rubaya Sub-County in the north,and Mbarara Town in the east.
It was initially in Biharwe Sub-County, which was annexed to Mbarara Municipality in 2014 to now Biharwe division.
Biharwe is a fast developing urban area, potentially for investing in for residential and tourist accommodation.

The traffic
During peak hours, traffic from Mbarara town centre to Biharwe increases, because most of the people especially middle income earners have chosen to stay here as the plots are relatively affordable and thus has become one of the fastest growing division in Mbarara municipality.

Biharwe also has potential tourist attractions as it neighbours Lake Mburo National Park, has Igongo Cultural centre, the 1520 eclipse monument.
Clemensia Nanyonjo, the area Division councillor, says hospitality business here is a hot cake.
“The hotels we have here are always fully booked by 8pm as people come here to relax and be entertained. People prefer to relax here because it’s quieter than Mbarara Town,” says Nanyonjo.
Transport to Biharwe is very cheap and reliable; from Mbarara town it costs you Shs2,000 by taxi and Shs3, 000 on boda boda.

Cost of land
Badder Lukyamuzi, a land dealer, says the cost of land here varies by location and the further from the highway, the cheaper it gets.
Along the highway, a plot of 50 by 100ft is between Shs80m and Shs100m but as you move away from the town, the same plot goes for between Shs15m and Shs30m. Further away, you can still get the same land between Shs8m and Shs10m.

Lukyamuzi cautions over increasing land fraudsters in the name of dealers and advises those intending to buy land here to always liaise with authorities not to be duped.
“Don’t trust a land dealer or broker alone, make sure you are in touch with authorities. There are conmen who are taking advantage of the mad rush for land here to dupe unsuspecting people,” advises Lukyamuzi.

Social services
The area has two health centre III’s that is Biharwe Heath Centre and Katojo Community Health Centre, but there is also a host of private health service providers.
They are also a number of hotels and accommodation facilities already tapping into the tourist potential and these include Igongo Cultural Centre and country hotel, City Gate Hotel, Japs Hotel and Mizabibu Gardens.
The area also has a stable and widespread electricity and water supply.

You can reach this town centre using the Masaka-Mbarara highway. This road is tarmacked but they are also other roads from Rubaya Sub-County in Mbarara District, from Kiruhura District that connect here.
However these are murram and therefore seasonal. There are also roads and trails within this central business of this town.

If you chose to have your home here, you would not have to look hard for a school for your children. There are a number of primary and secondary schools.

The area has a well-manned police post and a tourism police that guards some of the hotels and tourists that are come to the area.