When you are aging and looking at life through a stained glass, what will be the memories you take to bed with you? Yesterday I met a 23-year-old girl who was in a dilemma.

She is tall, slender and very beautiful. She wants to be a model and she is doing some modelling on the side, albeit in secret. You see, her parents frown on that kind of ‘nonsense’. Her parents are the conservative type.

In their books, a girl should finish school, get a job, and then, move out of their home into her husband’s home.
So, she was all in a bother about what their reaction would be should they hear that she was strutting her stuff on some catwalk. I asked, if besides the fear, she was happy about what she was doing. She was.

I guess happiness is what you make it, not some ideal that many people aspire to. I have often wondered why the woman who sells me tomatoes in the market is always so happy. Even when I meet her on the street, she greets me like some long lost relative.

When, out of curiosity, one Saturday afternoon I decided to sit with her in her stall for two hours, I ended up confused at her ideals.
This woman has eight children from about five men. None of them gives her upkeep for the children. So, all the money that takes care of this family comes from selling tomatoes. When customers are scarce, she packs the tomatoes into baskets and moves around with them. But, she is very happy. You can tell it in her voice and in the way she walks.

This is a woman who lives in a house that costs Shs40,000 a month. She and her children have no ambition in life. They just follow the normal course of things. There is nothing about striving to break the mould among this lot. Whatever fate throws at them, they take and make the most out of.

I, with my lofty dreams, sitting in my Shs500,000 a month home, struggle to come to terms with failure to achieve those dreams. My happiness in this life is tagged to achieving those dreams.
Maybe having ambition is not all it is cut to be, if it comes at the expense of happiness. There is happiness to be found in the simplicity of life!