In Summary

Rock it. For the fashion enthusiasts, dressing gets better with time and it is a learning process. Some people are always criticised for the way they dress and it is through trial and error. ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE looks at those style tips that you can follow to look your best in no time.

Identify what you like
Usually celebrities such as musicians and fashionistas are the best people to borrow a leaf from when it comes to fashion especially for those who don’t have an eye for good outfits or know what looks good on them. Use these people as an example when it comes to fashion. For example, a musician looks good in denim, also try it out, especially when you are of the same physique. You may look for something close to and more affordable than theirs.

Getting the right fit
Going by trends, some styles are no longer embraced. But to some people, they prefer living in the yester-years. Clothes that are big make you appear fatter and shorter than you are so it’s important to know your chest size, waist size, arms, shoulders, height for that perfect fit.

Surround yourself with stylish people
Having stylish peers will force you to change your perception of fashion, expose you to great style, inspire you, and create an environment where dressing well is a habit. When you are fond of jeans seven days a week, being surrounded by people who wear suits will endear you to dress like them.

Stick to your budget
Work around your budget to pull off a smart look. There are nice affordable clothes down town. Kanye West always wears expensive clothes but he is not as smart while you can wear a T-shirt for Shs5,000, a pair of jeans for Shs15,000 and a pair of sneakers at Shs20,000 and you get heads turning.

Before signature style…
A mistake people make when trying to improve their style is thinking they need to create a signature style. First focus on classic styles, then slowly add your own personal thoughts. This will help in the transition as you get to know what works and what doesn’t.

Mix classic and trendy
Remember leather sweatpants were really popular a couple years ago and so were bell bottoms but slowly those styles most of the time find their way back on the market, so it is always better to mix up your outfits. Own both trendy and classic. By doing this, you will be balancing your look.