In Summary
  • Lace braids are also available, so the options are endless.

2017 has proved that there are no limits when it comes to beauty. Will this adventurous trait continue in 2018? For a guide to beauty trends next year, we sought the expert advice of two beauty professionals to help crack this.

Makeup and skin care
Brenda Kajuju is the country representative of Black Opal, one of the big global beauty brands catering to women of colour. She predicts that in 2018, the following make up trends will be big.
Bold colours - bold shades such as black, maroon and red are set to be hot in 2018. These colours come in lipstick and other makeup products such as eye shadow.

Contouring - Contouring has been huge in 2017 and will most likely continue to be popular next year.
Dramatic lashes – “Really long and interesting eye lashes are slowly taking over the beauty space. I can see women getting more adventurous with their lashes going forward. Although, it is better to go for more natural looking eyelashes,” advises Kajuju.

Practices to adopt and drop
According to Kajuju, women need to pay more attention to their skin care routine. Cleansing, toning and moisturising is very important especially for women who use makeup products regularly.

Trending looks
Fyona Kirabo is an award winning beautician and celebrity makeup artist. She shares some trends to follow in the new year.
Dramatic highlighting – Highlighting has never been so dramatic, and 2018 is going prove that anything is possible. Highlighting on the cheekbone with metallic shades and bold colours is going to be huge in 2018. It has been hot on the runways, but next year it is coming to the streets.
Glowy makeup – Pale and dry makeup looks are losing steam. We are now seeing really oily and shimmery looks. This is where someone looks like their lips were done with oil. That is going to be huge.

Eyebrow styling- is not changing much. Bold and beautifully shaped.
Really long eyelashes – Expect to see longer and more dramatic eyelashes. It is, however, important to avoid the cheap eyelashes and opt for human hair lashes as they give a look of perfection.
Graphic and dramatic bold colours – We are seeing bolder colours such as maroon, black, blue and purple taking shape. However, bold colours do not work for everyone.
Understated glamour – Hair looks for events such as weddings and red carpet events are becoming simpler.
Women should opt for simple natural looking hair looks as they are more elegant and 2018 perfect.
Lace wigs – These are hair pieces that are pinned or glued onto your hair that feature a line in between the piece that makes it look like your natural scalp. They are hot because one can change and switch styles with little effort.
Lace braids are also available, so the options are endless.
Natural hair – In 2018, more women will embrace natural hair even for events such as weddings.