In Summary

PREDICTIONS. This year designers pushed the envelope more than ever. Fashionistas got more adventurous. Street wear brands gained prominence. Hassan Ssentongo brings you trends that are definitely going to steal your hearts (and bodies) in 2019.

Visible socks
Just like how we have been wearing shoes with no visible socks, the tables have turned. Elaborate, colourful and slogan socks are taking over. You are going to wear your sneakers and pull up your socks with pride. Just like we did in school.

Because fashion is cyclic in nature, tie-dye is officially back. The psychedelic print is set to be one of the biggest trends of 2019. If you are not a fan of tie-dye clothes, you are going to meet bags and accessories in the print. There is definitely no way to escape it.

Lace/ sheer shirts
Like I said, men are getting more adventurous. As women wear transparent shoes, men are set to finally accept the lace/sheer shirt trend. Of course this is not for the faint-of heart, and those with bodies not worth showing off.