The message came by WhatsApp! In there were her pictures and the message that she was no more!
Initially I could not make out who was in the pictures. When asked if I knew who she was, I said no!

Then I looked at the pictures again and re-read the name and the shock hit me. One week later the shock lingers on. Many questions and no answers.

Dr Catherine Nanozi of Cathy’s Wellness Centre passed on last week. I did not know her well but we met last year at the Full Woman Health Camp. She was sharing on health and nutrition while I shared my experience as a parent and writer. As one deeply intrigued by matters of health and nutrition, I paid close attention.

At lunch, after the talk, I had my son along and will never forget that the nutrionist pointed out that I had served myself more calories than was necessary for my size and height. She frowned at the matooke and groundnut sauce. My explanation that I had refrained from food earlier in order to enjoy my meal without the fear of counting calories fell on deaf ears.

The thing is I hate counting calories. I am a very deliberate eater but I also believe in the freedom which the scriptures teach about God given foods.
I admired her resolve, discipline and strong views. Whereas I did not agree with some of her views, I made a mental note to disagree without upsetting the waters too much. We parted ways.

I heard about her once in a while. She seemed to be doing well; passionately promoting her business and responsible living. Now, here I was grappling with the news of her passing.

What could have killed one who seemed to live life with such passion and vitality? We live in interesting times, with such an outflow of knowedge and advancement on many fronts. But many are also passing on through accidents, ill health and more.

It is not a given that when one wakes up they shall be alive to go to bed at night! David in the scriptures prayed that God would teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom.

How much have I applied my heart to wisdom? How much of God’s purpose is being lived out in me?! Sobering questions. I’m yet to fully grasp Catherine’s death. May God comfort her family and all those who knew her personally.