The 14th day of the second month is here and as we know it, it comes with demands to prove that you love only that

It is hard though for men with a list of lovers who have to come up with excuses to escape reality. “I am working late” “My mom is sick” “I am traveling” And others just claim that they do not celebrate the day because they do not know the origin or importance.

But to people who respect love, it is a time to worship and shower the person you love with gifts.

In most instances though, women are just waiting at home or office for flowers and a dinner date from the boyfriend or husband but it should not be that way. This day should not be one sided.

“He does not love me because he did not send me flowers,” Some women will claim at the end of the day. Well, did you get him something? Love is not all about receiving. It is a give and receive cycle, which should be completed by both parties involved.

Everyday is a day to love and be loved but this day should not just be ignored. As you celebrate your anniversary, birthdays, you should also celebrate this day because you surely lose nothing but gain love in return.

As you eagerly wait for his call to give you dinner plans, surprise him with a new watch, a set of stockings, a new wallet or a jacket. It does not have to be too expensive; it is the gesture that matters.
It takes two to tango.

Do not just be a lazy lover and just wait to receive. This is your chance to tell your lover that you appreciate him and that you are not in a relationship just for what he can offer you.

As many people ignore the intensity of Valentine’s Day, it is an opportunity to sweep someone off their feet.

And as others argue that they do not know the origin of this day, you should never miss a chance to prove your love.
Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovebirds.

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