A tiled roof if not well maintained, can easily get damaged in a short period of time. However, if well looked after, Joseph Sseruyange, a roofing expert with Affinity impressions Limited, says, can last for about 20 years.

“Some people end up making the mistake of not bothering to look after the tiles after roofing has been done,” he says.
A number of things have to be done if one is to maintain that tiled roof.

Regular inspection
This, according to Sseruyange, is important because it helps identify tiles that are damaged. He says these should be removed immediately.
“Not removing the already damaged tiles can easily lead to leakage in the house,” he says.

Besides that, he adds, tiles tend to develop a dirty coat due to exposure to rain. This can happen five or four years after the house has been roofed. However, Sseruyange also says this depends on where the house is built. “A house built in an area which receives regular rain can easily develop the dirty coat while one built in an area where it rarely rains has little chances of developing the dirty coat,” he says.

Despite all this, Sseruyange says: “It is important to do regular inspection, as one can easily see if the tiles have changed in colour and if they have, find an amicable solution immediately.”

Steven Guy Ndar, also a roofing expert, says inspection of the tiled roof has to be done every after six months. However, he says, some people only do this like after three years or even more. This, he says, can be dangerous to the house as a whole.

“Taking long to inspect your tiled roof can bring about further damage to the house. When it rains, the house may leak if the roof is damaged. This is likely to damage the walls of the house,” Ndar says.

Besides doing a check up on the tiles, Ndar says it is also important to check the gutters, downpipes and valleys. “Uncleared gutters, downpipes and valleys are a major cause for roof leaks most especially the tiled ones regularly inspection has to be done at least once a year,” he says.

Wash the roof tiles
This is one of those immediate solutions to a tiled roof that has developed a dirty coat over time. When washing, roofing expert Sseruyange advises that it is done manually and with extreme care to avoid any kind of damage. In addition, when washing the tiles, he also advises that one uses water with low pressure to avoid damaging the tiles.
“Washing the tiles with high pressure water can easily cause them to erode. This damages the tiles most especially if they have been on the roof for quite some time,” he says. He also adds that one should not stop at washing the tiles.

“After washing has been done. It is advisable that one applies a chemical called roof tile primer,” says Sseruyange. This, he says, reduces the effect of direct sunlight on the tiles and also brightens them up. “Roof tile primer chemical after being applied also helps prevent the tiles from fading,” Sseruyange adds.

Spray your roof regularly
Environmental factors such as exposure to ultra-violet sun rays, and pollution, can easily take a toll on the tiled roof.
“A tiled roof, whether concrete, composite or metal, can gradually become dull with time,” says Ndar. This, he says, is usually expected, but can easily be fixed with regular spraying of the roof.

One of the other ways of preventing the roof from fading can be through repainting the tiles. This can be done after washing. Ndar, however, cautions that one does not have to use any kind of paint they come across. “There is a special paint called acrylic paint that can bring back the brightness of the tiles after being applied,” he says.

Other causes of tile damage
“A house or building with a tiled roof surrounded by tree branches and large birds often finding their way on the roof can easily get damaged,” says Ndar.

“Besides that, severe winds can also loosen up the tiles or even lead them to break. That said, it is important to constantly keep a close watch on the roof tiles, advises Ndar.

He also advises that “When building a house or any other building, it is important to put into consideration the distance between the surrounding trees and the house.

“About the birds, one can apply a repellant that can easily keep them away.”

Experts’ view
To avoid damaging the tiles, Joseph Ssekubuge, a roffing expert, says, it is important for one to follow precautionary measures such as regular inspection, ensuring that the built house or roof is far away from trees and using all necessary measures to keep birds away among others.

The cost of maintaining a tiled roof according to Herbert Ssenkubuge, a roofing expert, in most cases depends on the size of the house. “An average cost of a moderate tiled roof house may cost close to Shs800,000,” he says. The bigger the house, he adds, the higher it can cost for one to maintain a tiled roof.

Ssekubuge also says it is important to note that sometimes the cost may depend on the damage found on the tiled roof during inspection. “Inspection alone may cost as little as Shs300,000. However, in case any kind of damage is found, the cost is likely to shoot up,” he says.